Deciding on childcare is a big decision for any parent

We are now back at Nursery. If you want to call me on 0208 285 1505 or 07951 796684 please do so. We are looking forward to welcoming all our families, both new and existing.  Best wishes from Sharon and  The Park Nursery Team.

Read our Returning to Nursery Guidelines here and Covid-19 Risk assessment here

Keep our children safe

Ensure that the needs and interests of the children are paramount

Promote child development

Promote equality, diversity and inclusion at all times

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Settling in

We do our best to make the transition from home to nursery as comfortable as we can by introducing ourselves to you and your child, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any queries you may have. 

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‘The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky’

Margaret McMillan

Illustration of trees

Enviable amounts of outdoor space

We are keen advocates of the Learning through Landscapes initiative. We have a fabulous outdoor area which is ideal for learning new skills as well as being a great place to exercise and socialise.

Children can explore our playhouse, wigwams, woodland area and wildlife garden, encouraging an interest in the natural world; or play with the well-equipped range of outdoor toys and activities. The separate area for children under one year old ensures that everyone is safe and enjoying appropriate activities.

A child in fluffy jumper plays on the slide
A child takes a close-up look at an insect through a magnifier trap

Sociable, meat-free, mealtimes

Staff and children sit down together and enjoy freshly-prepared food

We provide a cooked two-course lunch as well as breakfast between 8-8.45am and tea in the afternoon. We provide a meat-free menu prepared using fresh ingredients by an experienced cook so that the babies can eat nursery food as soon as they are ready to start a more varied diet. Our menu still contains fish, but we do provide a vegetarian alternative if needed. 

We belong to Sugar Smart Lewisham and have made pledges to cut down on sugar in the nursery and we also follow the British Heart Foundation recommendations for healthy food and good exercise.

Our care develops with your child

From three months right up to school age

Three months to one year

The activities in the baby room vary, depending on the ages of the children attending, but include painting, printing, sand and water play, music, stories and rhymes as well as time for outdoor play in their own special section of the garden.

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One to two years

Our staff team promotes early speech and language through many activities including music, rhymes, stories and songs as well as giving opportunities for role play and encouraging creativity.

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Two to three years

We believe that the best relationships are built on good communication and we do our best to ensure that you are involved in the time your child spends with us by providing feedback on the day as well as at parents’ events.

Read more about how we care for children of 2 and 3


As your child grows, so does our emphasis on learning through play. We encourage the development of your child’s social and educational pre-school skills such as literacy, language, numeracy, art and science. We do this to help the children in our care achieve the aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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