Two and three year olds

The focus in our 2-3s room is also on the prime areas of development, but here we begin to promote all areas of the Early Years curriculum. Activities and equipment are at child level where appropriate and labelled to encourage free choice and child initiated play, with the inclusion of adult led activities to promote and support key development.

Photo: Peter Collins
Close up of a child holding their feet in a yoga pose

With educational games we are able to promote physical development and thinking skills, learning numbers, colours and shapes, as well as an introduction to phonics. A large home corner is arranged to reflect different role play situations such as home or the doctor’s surgery giving the children an opportunity to act out familiar roles.

We continue to support communication and language through everyday interaction and circle time activities such as music workshop and story time. This encourages our 2-3 year olds to be able to communicate their needs and express themselves.

Our 2-3s team introduces potty training to promote independence and self-care. We work in partnership with parents to support development at home encouraging the children to be confident and determined to gain independence.